Laws against church Vandalism
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The Impact on Communities

“The told story about church Burnings is that churches were burning. The untold story is that they never stopped burning.”
Rev. Terrance G. Mackey, Sr. President


“Church burnings and bombings are acts of Domestic Terror. When someone targets a congregation to burn down their place of worship, the act of burning or firebombing the building is done to intimidate, terrorize, disrupt and dismantle the community. When our church burned, I finally realized what if felt like to have been raped. I felt completely violated.” 

South Carolina

“This ordeal has been mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually disturbing and disruptive. This place has been a school, a meeting place, and a prominent place of worship for many in the community and out of state. The very thought of us not having a place to worship almost paralyzed the need to continue service. Therefore, the church burning robbed us of our focus on God.” 


“We need for arson investigators in local communities to understand that you can’t put God’s hose on the same level as my house. When someone burns down the house of God, that tells me they must be angry with God. It’s a different kind of arson.” 


“The Untold Story is that hate crimes are alive and well especially in Texas. The general public is unaware that this is happening because we are not receiving the media attention that is needed. 


Rebuilding God’s House        Donate Rebuilding Material

Each year the National Coalition for Burned Churches Church Rebuilding Project helps to rebuild Southern, rural churches ruled arson, undetermined or suspicious fires.


2009 Church Rebuilding Projects

    • Greater Bethelpore Baptist Church, Phenix City Alabama.
    •    Hayneville Church of Christ, Hayneville, Alabama

Despite Unstable Economy NCBC Volunteers Help Alabama Churches Rebuild

The National Coalition for Burned Churches (NCBC) is coordinating volunteer teams from across the nation to assist two African American churches with rebuilding. Churches selected for the 2009 Rebuilding Project are the: Hayneville Church of Christ, Hayneville, Alabama and Greater Bethelpore Baptist Church, Phenix City, Alabama. 


YOUR GIVING HELPS! To support these projects mail donations to the Church Rebuilding Funds at the following addresses: Hayneville Church of Christ PO Box 651 Hayneville, Alabama 36040 Contact:Pastor Martin McCall 334.300.4377. 
Greater Bethelpore Baptist Church PO Box 1294 Smith's, Alabama 36877 Contact: Deacon Anthony Brooks 706.587.7096.     






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Report Your Church Fire

National Church Burning Registry December 2008

Church Rebuilding Project: An Interfaith ResponseTo Rebuilding and Recovery


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